🔑 Part 1: Stop-motion post-production – The key to creating the VIBRANTNESS of the episode
🎥 Stop-motion is a filmmaking technique that integrates images of many different movements to create character movements. Producing a Stop-motion episode takes a lot of time and effort, especially in Post-Production. It takes nearly 20 hours to edit a film of about 2 minutes with the following steps: combining motion effects, lighting balance, color correction, and most importantly, building the entire sound for the episode.

🎯 This process requires meticulousness sensitivity and good sense of sound from the person performing it. They will be the “conductors” who arrange each sound and each noise to fit, turning static images into vivid stories, and helping viewers hear and feel the story without needing a narration.

🎬 Join us in discovering the Post-Production process and the rules to follow when editing a Stop-motion episode at HFL Media.

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Zenicia 🌿

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