🌈 Moving past the initial pride and joy of the award ceremony, these standout members of HFL’s team have returned to their roles, experiencing noticeable shifts in their work life. It’s time to explore the intriguing ways they’ve been adapting.
🔥 Currently, some are bolstering their health with dietary supplements, gearing up for the demanding deadline season. Others are proactively seeking innovative strategies to propel their teams forward. Many continue to elevate product quality by setting even higher personal benchmarks.
❤ The routine may still include the usual afternoon milk tea bets and sharing “gossip” stories with colleagues for creative sparks. However, deep down, these exceptional individuals remind themselves to strive even harder, aspiring to truly embody the “new heights” they’ve reached.

🏆 HFL’s Pride 2023 – Gold Leader Award – Nguyễn Thị Thùy Anh – Head of the Real Life Kids Department

🎯 The year 2023 has been notably significant for Thùy Anh, as she excelled in her role as the Department Head. Despite the heavy workload of a manager, her decisive approach, keen observational skills, and efficient task delegation led Thùy Anh and her team to achieve numerous significant accomplishments. They consistently topped revenue charts for several months, earning the title of “HFL Media’s Most Outstanding Team for the First Half of the Year.” This memorable journey helped her earn the distinction as the Outstanding Department Head at HFL’s Pride 2023.

A month has passed since the award, and Thùy Anh is now focusing on ambitious plans for 2024, confident that the Real Life Kids Team will continue to reach greater heights.

🏆 HFL’s Pride 2023 – Silver Leader Award – Lê Hoàng Vũ – Head of PeaPea Production Team

❤ In 2023, with his keen observation and logical thinking, Vũ proposed numerous innovative ideas for company operations, yielding promising results. He also played a direct role in creating million-view animated videos, captivating millions of young audiences worldwide. Vũ’s contributions brought significant success to HFL Media, earning him the honor of Outstanding Team Leader of the Year at HFL’s Pride 2023.

✨ In 2024, as a newly-appointed Deputy Head, Vũ is developing plans to further advance the PeaPea Department, bringing the little alien boy closer to children in various countries.

🏆 HFL’s Pride 2023 Employee of the year – Vũ Thành Duy – Animation Specialist – PeaPea Department

💞 As an expert in stop-motion, Duy’s animated episodes are notably realistic and engaging. He actively participates in training and develops skill-enhancement materials for his fellow animators at HFL Media.

🌈 Currently, Duy is focused on improving product quality by setting stricter standards for himself.

🏆 HFL’s Pride 2023 Employee of the year – Nguyễn Thị Quỳnh Như – Channel Manager Specialist – Cooking Department

🌹 Quỳnh Như is highly valued at HFL Media for her diligence and responsibility, consistently meeting all deadlines and rarely absent from the office.

📒 This year, Như aims to upgrade her professional skills.

🏆 HFL’s Pride 2023 – Excellent Employee of The Year

❤✨ These photos captures the proudest moments of the outstanding employees from each department. To reach this memorable moment, they have dedicated immense effort to their work, contributing significantly to their department’s growth. Currently, everyone is diligently working on their tasks. Some are meticulously crafting impressive scripts, others are striving to build unique and warm internal connection programs. There are those meticulously detailing every aspect of their drafts, creating the most perfect videos. Each individual, with their unique roles, is setting new responsibilities for themselves to be worthy of the honor bestowed upon them.

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