PeaPea – The alien boy who conquered millions of hearts

🛸 [Made by HFL] PEAPEA – THE GREEN ALIEN BOY WHO CONQUERED MILLIONS OF HEARTS 🛸(Vietnamese below)🌈 Five years ago, HFL Media introduced a stop-motion animation series crafted from clay, depicting the adventures of an alien boy as he explores the vibrant nuances of life. This series swiftly captured the hearts of its viewers, particularly […]

HFL Media content now is on National Airlines Inflight entertainment

[HFL’s Pride] 🍲✈️ HFL MEDIA CONTENT NOW IS ON NATIONAL AIRLINES INFLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT 🍲✈️ 🤝 In January 2024, creations from the Miniature Cooking channel produced by HFL Media proudly featured on flights of National Airlines, including Vietnam Airlines and Singapore Airlines. This marks a memorable milestone in HFL Media’s journey to create and spread high-quality […]

PeaPea Series proudly receives the “THRIVING GROWTH AWARD” from iQIYI

🏆 PEAPEA SERIES PROUDLY RECEIVES THE “THRIVING GROWTH AWARD” FROM IQIYI 🏆📣 At the iQIYI conference for children’s content production partners in early January 2024, HFL Media’s series “PeaPea” was distinguished with the “Thriving Growth Award” from China’s leading pay broadcasting platform, IQIYI.🏀 Recognized not solely for its viewership numbers but also for its creative […]


🏆🏆 OVER A MONTH HAS PASSED SINCE THE “CORONATION” OF HFL’S PRIDE, HOW ARE THE OUTSTANDING INDIVIDUALS NOW? 🏆🏆🌈 Moving past the initial pride and joy of the award ceremony, these standout members of HFL’s team have returned to their roles, experiencing noticeable shifts in their work life. It’s time to explore the intriguing ways […]