🔥 2023 marked a year of exceptional achievements at HFL, not just from standout individuals in content creation for global audiences, but also from the collaborative efforts of our teams. In recognition of these efforts, the “HFL’s Pride 2023 – Team of the Year” award was given to groups demonstrating significant accomplishments.
🏆 These departments didn’t just excel over the year; they also positively impacted our production, operations, and business activities. With a steadfast commitment to their objectives, they have contributed to growth and ensured smooth operations. Their content has won the hearts of millions of children worldwide and earned nominations at international film festivals and features in magazines.
🌈 A month on from their recognition, the teams at HFL Media have resumed their daily tasks, yet there’s a renewed determination in each member. The aspiration is clear: to push harder in 2024, aiming for new heights and achievements. Let’s revisit the moments that crowned them as the “Team of the Year” at HFL’s Pride 2023.

🥇HFL’s Pride 2023 – Gold Team Of The Year – Cooking Department🥇

🍭 The Cooking Department, a consistent revenue powerhouse for the company, shone brightly in 2023. Their hundreds of creative cooking videos not only captivated millions on YouTube but also garnered international acclaim. This included a feature in Norway’s GODT culinary magazine and nominations at the Madavera Expojour Jazz Times Film Festival. Their remarkable contributions go beyond content creation, with the team’s enthusiasm and innovation setting them apart.

🌹 The “Gold Team of the Year” award is a testament to the Cooking Department’s exceptional efforts throughout 2023. We look forward to their continued success, as they spread culinary creativity and inspiration globally.

🥈 HFL’s Pride 2023 – Silver Team Of The Year – Business Team – PeaPea Department 🥈

🎯 2023 was a stellar year for the Sales Team in the PeaPea Department, marked by significant achievements including an additional gold button and six silver YouTube buttons. They’ve developed a robust channel that amassed over 1.5 billion views by year’s end, with 100 videos exceeding 1 million views each. Their “billion-view” milestone is just one aspect of their success; they’ve also made significant contributions to production efficiency with several beneficial improvements.

🌸 The “Silver Team of the Year” award at HFL’s Pride 2023 fittingly recognizes the PeaPea Department’s impressive achievements. As we step into 2024, there’s great anticipation for the team to further enhance its position and continue delivering innovative educational and entertainment content to children worldwide.

🥈 HFL’s Pride 2023 – Silver Team Of The Year – Business Team 1 – Cooking Department 🥈

✨ Over the past year, Business Team 1 has demonstrated remarkable performance not just in their professional domain but also in broader company activities. Their efforts have earned HFL Media an additional gold button and a silver button. As an exemplary group in the department’s second quarter, they have shown themselves to be ambitious and proactive, actively engaging in company-wide research projects aimed at enhancing performance and workflow efficiency.

🎁 Marking the end of a year filled with notable accomplishments, Business Team 1 of the Cooking Department has earned the title of “Silver Team of the Year” at HFL’s Pride 2023. Looking forward, we are excited to see the team continue to expand their reach with creative culinary content and achieve even more impressive milestones in 2024.

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