A Fresh Look Back

Summer 2023, we turned a new page in the HFL Media story, unveiling a rebrand that reflects the dynamic energy and infinite potential of the young minds we are dedicated to inspiring. Our transformation was more than a change of looks; it was a commitment to be the spark that ignites creativity and imagination in children across the globe. 

The Moroccan Blue of our logo, a deeper hue, stands as a beacon of energy, excitement, and youthful exuberance.

Our Playful Color Palettes form a delightful symphony of playful hues, reflecting the magical and colorful world of children!

Bungee typography continues to weave the narrative of playful and boundless imagination.

Our signature elements capture the essence of childhood wonders – An explosion sparks excitement, laughter embodies the spirit of children, and curious eyes beckon exploration.

A New Chapter Ahead 

Now, we’re thrilled to announce the latest milestone in our journey: the launch of our brand new website, a digital playground where our reimagined brand comes to life. It’s a reflection of our rebranding brought to the digital forefront.

Experience vivid colors as they dance around our beloved characters, crafting moments that catch your eye and unleash a universe of creativity without borders.  Peek into HFL’s selections of works, a glimpse into our vision, mission, and the values we hold dear. Our site also doubles as a beacon for new talent, making it super easy to find contact details and job openings. 

And, oh! Meet the brilliant minds and friendly faces that make our creative hub buzz with energy and the stories we continue to write. 

We’re excited to share this new chapter with you. Our website is just the beginning of many thrilling developments to come. 


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