As one of the leading organizations in the field of Stop Motion Animation production, we are always striving to improve our technology with the desire to create quality and superior products for the movie lovers community around the world.

Pioneering creativity


With a vision to become the world’s No. 1 Stop Motion animation producer, standing in the TOP 10 of global children’s entertainment – educational content creators, HFL Media always directs its products to uniqueness, pioneers in creating trends & deploying new and innovative topics.

Professional operation


Along with product development, the internal operating process is also one of the factors that are very focused at HFL Media. We aim at a civilized, friendly, efficient office model. In addition, The H House builds a complete and methodical system of training and learning programs, helping to improve professionalism, cooperation and professional skills for members of the company. Thereby contributing to creating professionalism, transparency, and efficiency in partner programs.

Impressive growth


One of HFL Media’s vision values in the period 2022-2027 is “Impressive growth”, which is reflected in the goal of system scale growth, system-wide revenue breakthrough, personnel growth and annual income/personnel. In addition, HFL also expands production projects and cooperation programs according to a consistent strategy.